Penang Escape

Remembering my holiday in Penang today.

A relaxing and calming trip to remind me of a paradise that I would seriously want to hide in.

We left early in the morning about 6am and decided to stop by Ipoh for breakfast at a dim sum restaurant called Foh San.

The food was obviously to die for and the building itself is just the most prettiest dimsum shop i’ve been to.

We were too distracted by the food (hehe! pigs) and only managed to snap a few photos of the food and at the entrance with Pei Shan (:

 Then we continued our journey and visited a temple and the Toy Museum (because Jia Tat wanted to see the toys) along the way ( and since we’re still early).

The museum wasn’t really that fantastic because part of the area was closed due to construction, tiled floors were either cracked or replaced by wooden boards, toys weren’t placed in proper display cases and the layer of dust collected was seriously amazing in some of the display boxes (doubt anyone cleaned it).

However, if someone is really into toys, it will be a very nice place to stop by before leaving the island.

 Stopping at our destination in Lone Pine Hotel at around 2.30pm.

The ambience was really relaxing, calming and even the guests were quiet and respectful of your need for peace and quiet away from the hectic city lifestyle (:

Seriously a zen place to be in instead of screaming kids in the pool (kids here were also well behaved *likes* hehe).

 While waiting for the room registration and yada yada, we were served with a cup of smoothie (btw, i forgotten what drink it was :S).

Nonetheless, I really liked the drink! 😉

It was pretty in the colour of peach and the orchids on the table made me extra cheerful (cause I love orchids ;p).

Oh! Even the reception area was really welcoming and calming at the same time.

The staff were extremely friendly and polite whenever they spoke to us (even passing by one of their staff, you’ll be sweetly greeted).

 We entered our rooms and it gave me a really lazy feeling.

Not in a bad way of course, but the feeling of just lying in bed the whole day watching movies while having room service to attend to your every need was seriously a dream come true (but obviously i did no such thing! boooooo….).

Not only that, newspapers hung at your door knob every morning! Wheeeee…!!! Hehe.

I don’t really like the fact that people here in PJ actually either throw your newspapers into the only puddle of water in your house compound or you’re required to drive out of the house to get a copy of newspaper in the morning (yes, i’m quite a lazy person. so sue me -__-).

 We didn’t waste any time and decided to walk around the hotel since it was so beautiful and all.

Didn’t regret it because the beach was just in front of the hotel and it was surprisingly clean as well!

While walking around the hotel, you could seriously feel the relaxing and calming mode setting in, which made everything extra pretty 😉

And obviously not forgetting the photo taking sessions while roaming the grounds of the hotel! heh!

 After snapping photos and etc, we headed back to our rooms and found a box of cupcakes given by the hotel (:

It was so sweet of them leaving small little surprises for you whenever you least expect it! 😀

After that we rested, bathed and headed out for dinner near the Sunway Hotel.

The food was great (of course) and the amount of food available there gave me a smile on my face (since i love food quite a bit. hehe).

After buying some Penang cookies, we headed back to the hotel and started playing monopoly.

Well, i don’t really have to tell you how it ends right?

Considering the four of us playing, nobody won (obviously) due to our constant swapping of cards and crap (such sore losers ;p).

Then quickly it was day 2 🙁

I finally managed to drag Jason to have a walk with me by the beach! hehe.

I brought home some seashells home *loves* and loads of memories (:

Then we continued walking around the hotel while snapping photos (as usual).

 Even though we didn’t manage to dine in the restaurant located in the hotel, we thought a photo might be just enough for now (:

And I think we would dine in the next time we’re there 😉

After checking out, we’ve decided to pay HardRock Hotel a visit since we thought it would be a good place to stay the next time if we do visit again.

But overall, I didn’t enjoy the noisy environment.

Unless, those enjoy the screams and laughter of children and yelling of parents, then its seriously a place to consider 😉

The trip ended with a visit to another temple and then dinner in Ipoh.

It was really a memorable time.

The hotel was great, food was heavenly and the accompany was loveable *hearts*

Didn’t think two days would pass by so quickly (:

Come to think of it, life is too short and fragile.

So, just enjoy life whenever you’re given the chance *winks*