Bali Retreat (February 2014) – Day 1

Both my husband and I made an impromptu flight purchase to Bali in December 2013.

Bali had been on my list for quite awhile since I love beaches 🙂

But, our experience there was mixed with the good and bad.

Pretty hard to explain myself even to say it out loud.


photo 1

A popular photo that most people take before flying off for a holiday 🙂


Early morning flight with the sun shinng very brightly into the airport


Since our flight landed in Bali in the morning, we had the advantage to visit the island in the afternoon and evening.

A day not wasted just on traveling in the plane or cab due to heavy traffic 🙂

However, the ride from the airport to the hotel was quite a pain in the ass due to security checks (we took a cab, which costed about roughly RM75).

No. 1: Security stopped the cab at the entrance of Nusa Dua to scan through to car for any weapons or bombs

No. 2: We were scanned at entrance of the hotel with a metal detector and a guard looking into my handbag for any suspicious kind of weapon and etc

Even though I sort of understood the necessity of security within just a small area of the island, but with all of those checking and stuff, it did not feel like holiday at all 🙁

It did not feel inviting nor happy like how a holiday should be like (Quite a turn off if you ask me).

Other than the annoying security checks, the hotel was beautiful.

Ladies danced to invite you into the hotel and placed flowers on your hair as a way to welcome you 🙂



Pretty ladies welcoming you with a traditional dance and a flower place on your head as a gift 🙂

We didn’t manage to check in since the room wasn’t ready yet.

Instead of loosing time waiting for our room to be ready in 2 to 3 hours, we decided to head out to visit Tanah Lot.

We requested the hotel to book a cab that uses a meter for payment rather than being charged for locations.

If we were charged based on locations that we were heading to, we would be broke by the end of the vacation.

Our recommended cab company was Blue Bird.

Don’t be fooled by other fake blue cab that looks like Blue Bird.

Those are pretty costly.


Our first location in Bali was Tanah Lot 🙂

Reviews online stated how romantic the place would be during sunset with your other half, but I seriously beg to differ.

Winds were blowing so hard that a few hats blew off their owners head and it landed at my face.

Rubbish flying all over the place even though there were people with good efforts in cleaning the area.

I would also like to mention that rubbish were flying pass my legs like autumn leaves brushing by when wind blows.

We thought of seeing the sunset as recommended, but honestly, I didn’t see much romance in that with my eyes squinting constantly due to the bright light.

Not such a romantic place Tanah Lot is 🙁



An empty space I assume that it is used for ceremonial events


Tourist and strong winds blowing the whole area


A very nice view 🙂


The signature temple located on a huge rock (you can’t enter the temple on top)


A bunch of tourist


And another bunch of tourist with a beautiful view


A beautiful tower with kids and aunties being fascinated with something


A lovely view of the signature place


The view of the temple on the other side of the beach


Rocky beach with rough waters


Walked through the market at the entrance of Tanah Lot and the stalls were selling food, drinks, clothes and souvenirs.

I didn’t buy anything but two bottles of water from one of the stalls.

Most things sold there can be found in Malaysian markets such as in Malacca and Penang.

So… There was nothing much to purchase…



Just me at the market with the locals and tourist


Different things sold in the market


Headed back to the hotel after some tan at Tanah Lot and heavy traffic.

Thank God for our cab driver because he knew how to use other smaller routes that could cut through to the main road.

It saved us some time and got back to the hotel before dinner time.

We checked in and a nice room was ready for us to check in 🙂

photo 3

Our room with a balcony outside 🙂

photo 5

A small walk in wordrobe with a safe deposit box 

photo 6

A pretty toilet and bath tub 🙂 A vanity table with a huge mirror is also available on the left of the room.

photo 4

A pretty flower ready on the bed waiting for us 🙂


We didn’t feel like having seafood for dinner that night and ended up calling for room service.

The best part of it all, they brought a dinning table with them to set in our room <3

I didn’t see them setup the table but everything was arranged when I came out of the shower.

The meal was quite good.

Had pasta with meatballs and fried rice 😀



Pretty table with dinner ready for me after shower 🙂


Another view of the lovely table of food 


Look at the beautiful setting of our dinner table


Complimentary bread 🙂


Meatball pasta with tomato sauce *yums!*


Nicely flavored fried rice 🙂


After a nice shower and meal, we took a walk around the hotel.

Although the lobby was always constantly busy with guests, the rest of the hotel was pretty calm and quite (found this to be untrue during breakfast the next day).

Overall, our first day in Bali was quite an experience.

Our second day is another story entirely…

I’ll share that in my next post 🙂