Cute Panda Rice Shape With Japanese Curry

Cute panda rice lunch box anyone? 🙂

Made panda shaped rice with Japanese curry for brunch and it looked good (tasted good too :p)

It had quite a good response from my colleagues when I brought it to work.

As for my husband, he just ate it whole without much thought about it being cute.

He just saw it as something edible and munched on everything laid on his plate.



My instagram post on it 🙂


I bought a panda rice mold during my trip to Japan a few months back and finally had the chance to use it.

Didn’t really have much time to use it right after I got back from Japan, but after a short shopping trip after seeing a bag of Japanese rice on the shelf made me think of the panda tool at home and tadaaaa…

It wasn’t really difficult so here’s a pictorial step to step thingy 🙂



 Steam some Japanese sticky rice in a rice cooker


Cook some Japanese curry (like out from a box) :p


My cute little tool to make the panda’s


It basically comes with two types of tool


Instructions in Japanese (I just followed the graphics) 😉


This square panda tool making the panda seaweed faces 🙂


Stick some rice behind the second tool


Close the back and squeeze it into shape


The shape should look like this (excuse the dirty curry plate)


Put the seaweed parts on the panda rice face


Put the cute little panda on the plate of curry and THERE YOU GO! 🙂


Nothing much to it! 🙂

A nice hot plate of Japanese chicken curry and rice for a meal.

Pretty simple to put it together for someone like me 🙂

Yummy for my tummy 🙂