My Happy Days: Day 1 (Le Hubby)


Going through the day realising how happy and blessed I am to have him.

I can always talk to him about how I feel from work and many random things without judgment.

Although sometimes he might tune me out while he is busy with other things.

Nonetheless, I am still happy with a nod from him (because I’ll still try to do funny things to get his attention *winks*).

I’m really happy to have this privilege 🙂

Loves! 😉

100 Days of Happiness <3



I’ve honestly tried doing this via my Instagram account last year, but failed miserably.

Due to recent negative vibes, I am trying to start afresh with this positive thingy!

I must add that I’m not the most positive person on earth :p

So…. Finding something positive within a crappy day could be quite difficult.

As a ritual, I promise that I’ll TRY my very best to post at least one positive thing a day until my one hundred days are over 🙂

It’ll start tomorrow, so please don’t hate me for spamming.

Try to see me appreciate the world in a more positive perspective regardless of how sucky my day could be.


Loves! <3