RandomBlabs: Dilemma of Blogging

Recently, a notification to renew my website popped up and I was torn between continuing or ending it.

Why end it?

To be honest, I feel that people sometimes express too much of themselves online and easily forget how it could affect others who are reading their content.

Some even choose to condemn others causing unnecessary drama.

And there are those terrible predators in the world wide web.

So, why continue?

A few old blog posts popped up on my Facebook wall a couple of days ago and it reminded me of so many wonderful memories!

Those precious time spent with hubby traveling, anxious baby bump adventure and my love for baking/cooking.

Those positive memories gave me so much more reason to keep this blog alive.

Although I have decided to continue blogging, but it will obviously be filtered a tad bit.

I am currently trying out something new and I hope that my blog will continue to remind me of great memories in my life (especially now my life mainly revolves around my bun).

Hoping to post at least once a month about just anything 😊

Toodles! 😘

Goodbye 2016 :)


2016, you’ve treated me quite well even though it wasn’t the smoothest December I’ve had, but I’m still very thankful for a great year.

With the arrival of Owen this year, our lives changed so much!

Even though we struggled quite a bit adjusting our lives, Owen brought so much love and happiness ❤️

Unconditional love does exist 😊

I wish for a blessed 2017 with my family 🙂

My only resolution for this new year is for all of us to be happy and healthy! 🎉

Daddy and mommy loves you! 😘

Toodles 2016!!