Blabbing: Pillow Talk


 Just some honest thoughts before heading to bed tonight.

As I’ve not been blogging for close to a month while breaking my promise on my #100happydays routine, I was basically trying to accept the current people present in my life.

Why do I say this?

I understand that not everyone part of my life will play a significant role.

However, some people tend to bring out the worst in you and you end up showing the worst of you in public (not so ladylike after all).

So… I’ll take some time to digest all of this crap and move on with life.

On the bright side, I managed to unlock another commitment in life (almost – in the process).

Just going through some paperwork and arrangements at the moment.

Will definitely blog more once everything is more solid 🙂

I really and truly cherish my beloved close friends who are there with me when I’ve struggled in life.

You know who you are! 😉

Love yah! <3

Goodnight peeps! 😀

Blabbing: My Ranting Starts Here ;p


This is me with the groomers dog 🙂


Haven’t been blogging recently and I sort of miss it.

I now know what it means to be mentally tired from a long day at work.

Been a tough two months at work (for some reasons I can’t disclose here publicly) as it really brought out the true meaning of friends or foe in such a situation.

I was pretty upset with work initially, but what the heck right?

My work isn’t my whole life and it definitely doesn’t define who I truly am!

Even with such negativity at work, there were a few happy things that kept me going 🙂

Such as…. my new commitment recently for a car, a short trip to Ipoh to just getaway, and learning how to bake delicious (but not perfect) pineapple tarts (since I’m still learning).


It is true when people say that as you get older, you’ll have lesser friends.


Because people move on and have different objectives in life that doesn’t match yours.

I’m thankful for a few great friends in my life that I treasure the most.

I can honestly say that I’m not an easy person to be with due to my blunt attitude, but in general, my close friends just know me too well to understand that I love them to bits even with harsh words 😉

My husband was my great support throughout and I don’t think I could have managed without his patience and love.

It is close to Chinese New Year now and I would like to put all the bad things behind me and move on.

People will be people, but I won’t let them mould me into someone that I am not happy with.

Life is short and I will live my life the way that I am happy with 🙂

Rant over.

Goodnight folks.