Tokyo, Japan (August 2014) – Disneyland! <3 (Part 1)

After my long hiatus, I’m back!

Decided to blog about my happiest time in Tokyo, DISNEYLAND! 😀

(Since I didn’t have a fantastic week at work, I though this could cheer me up)


A bright and fantastic morning greeted us for the day.

Quite a reward since it was a typhoon season

(I call it Mother Earth’s PMS season since it rains with heavy wind whenever it wanted!)

No breakfast in the hotel, so we made do with our morning drink at the vending machine next to our hotel.


This is my yummy drink while le hubby got his usual coffee bottle fix (not too shabby).

I can swear that Japanese food isn’t all too bad (even food from the vending machine).

Happily with a drink and expectation of breakfast in Disneyland, we took the train!



And tadaaaaa!

FYI: Website on the directions to head to Disneyland in the link.

Even though we thought that we were early, tons of people were already there while the rest were making their way like us!

So obviously like a tourist I am, take photos lah!

No point rushing since we already bought our tickets online and all we needed to do was scan our tickets to get into the park.


The beautiful Disneyland Resort (side view)


The signature Mickey Mouse flower bed 🙂


Hubby with the flowers <3


Tourists and locals with the front view of the entrance


The packed entrance into Disneyland park!

To be fair, it was the summer holiday for the Japanese kids that explains the crowd.

I actually quite like Japanese crowds.

They were very educated without jumping the lines, patience while waiting for their turn and mothers who were quite responsible for their younger ones.


This view greets you right after entering the main gate!

I recommend purchasing tickets online and bring the printed copies with you to ease your pain of lining up with the others (time wasted).

Cheerful helpers will provide you with a map based on the language you are comfortable with.

If you want to have a look at the digital copy, visit this website link:

I’m still keeping my hardcopy here at home with me to remember my trip.

The map actually tells you where the restaurants, toilets, shops, different attractions of the parks and my all time FAVOURITE, different locations of flavour popcorn stands!

So lets say you’re in the mood for strawberry flavoured popcorn, just open your map and look for it!

It’ll tell you where the popcorn stand is located!



One of their main themed shops


Small stands selling Disney merchandise


Believe it or not, strollers have their own parking spots at every ride!


Another clearer photo of the parking for strollers *shocked*



My favourite blue monster (other than the cookie monster ;p)


Fast Pass Ticketing booth


Another Fast Pass Ticketing booth


If your ticket time clashed with another ride, naturally, you can’t get into another ride a few minutes apart.

Okay, the main reason why we were early to Disneyland was the collection of Fast Pass.

What is it?

Certain rides are basically packed no matter what the time of the day is.

So, in order to reduce the people lining up, they created these Fast Pass ticketing booths.

You can collect your tickets for a selected time slot for the ride you want

(Note: Not all rides have this Fast Pass facility)




This is just the starting point of the line to enter the ride

After collecting all the Fast Pass that we could, we headed out for our brunch!

Since there were restaurants all over the theme park, we couldn’t decide.

We ended up looking for the nearest and least crowded restaurant we could find.


Doesn’t seem super crowded…


Menu which starts from 310 Yen


We ordered the yummy themed set meal. Super cute! 😀


His Mickey Mouse beef shaped burger 


And my version of Mickey Mouse shaped burger


Burgers with fries! Super in love with the Mickey shaped burger <3


BURP! *smiles*

We spent close to 15 minutes to chew and swallow down everything on the tray.

We were really hungry.

This is the end of part 1!

Will continue with part 2 very soon 😉



Tokyo, Japan (August 2014) – Japanese Society in the Day Time (Day 2)

Second day, start afresh!

Forgetting what happened the night before and waking up early for a new day in Tokyo 🙂


We wanted to be creative and decided to not have breakfast in the hotel.

It saved us quite a bit considering the breakfast per person in the hotel was around RM50.

We took the package with discount for the hotel room so it was about RM300 plus per night.

It is pretty affordable since the original price for the room online goes for about RM700 plus.



So the both of us headed out feeling positive looking for a restaurant in Shibuya 🙂

It is one of the themed shops to visit if you like Mr Men & Little Miss! 😀

Let me tell you that it was a very nice experience.




Such a high technology city to have a fan in the train for ventilation. Hmmm…..


Welcome to Harajuku! 🙂


The Tokyu Plaza Omotesando shopping mall with branded shops 


Quite a pretty shopping mall up close… 🙂


The pretty street outside of the shopping mall… Such a perfect looking street… 🙂


Really organised and clean looking street 🙂 Nothing less from the most advanced city in the world 🙂


A very pretty Ralph Lauren shop 🙂


An empty street in Shibuya <3 


A very nice red brick saloon shop 🙂


I really… really… REALLY love this cute vintage looking shop with baby blue doors and plants outside <3


Another simple and pretty boutique 🙂


Same as Taiwan, very nice looking manhole covers 🙂


A vintage shop I saw online with a very cute colourful front 🙂


A cute baby themed shop 🙂


A shelf facing the window 🙂 How I wish to have this 🙂


A rainbow pancake shop which we didn’t get to try due to the long line 🙂


The popular breakfast shop where people line up for up to 30 minutes (Eggs & Things)


Vending machine everywhereeeee… 🙂


The usual vandalism of public property with a cute koala bear sticker on it 🙂


To clarify things, Shibuya and Harajuku is just a few minutes of walking distance away from each other.

Hence, a mixture of photos from two places.

I really love walking around without many people awake or shops open early in the morning.

The ambiance was really pretty and quiet 🙂



Look at this cute breakfast place <3


Their basic menu 🙂


Other type of food you can find in the restaurant plus the price


Mr. Men & Little Miss staircase 🙂


Cute stickers on the wall all the way up!


Characters surrounding the entrance 🙂


Mr. Men & Little Miss characters printed on the table 🙂


Their very own Mr. Men & Little Miss coaster for my cup 🙂


Other than my husband, I have another breakfast date seated beside me! Hehe! I’m such a happy kid :p


Both rounded face 😀


A complimentary gift from the restaurant 🙂


Do you spot Little Miss Sunshine? 😉


My hubby’s coffee with milk in a mini beaker and syrup served in a mini metal jar 🙂


My fluffy and yummy-licious pancakes with fresh fruits and vanilla ice-cream soaked with espresso. Yum! <3


Mr. Greedy on my husband’s plate. He ordered rice with beef and tomato sauce 🙂


An egg on top of the rice with the beef at the bottom *drools* 🙂


A wall filled with different Mr. Men and & Little Miss characters 🙂


My happy face stuffed with food 🙂


With a warm and filled belly, I was a happy kid *grins*

I can still remember how fluffy the pancakes were and tried to make the same back at home!

But as predicted, not as yummy as the one I had in Tokyo 🙁


The Mr. Men and Little Miss restaurant was a really good start for the day 🙂

A gift from the shop and a very cute blue date 🙂

It made me a happy girl 🙂

More information on Sunday Jam:


On average per plate of food there costs around 1,000Yen minimum.

Our total cost of the meal was around 4,000Yen plus.

I know!

Some people would say, “That is freaking expensive for a breakfast!”

But I really enjoyed the whole breakfast experience until today! 🙂

Worth every penny!


With a full tummy, we started walking around again 🙂

And we found the Barbie shop!

They closed the second floor and they weren’t selling many products.

Initially, I thought they were selling limited edition Barbie dolls in the shop.

But seriously, everything sold there were either clothes, low quality jewellery or beauty products.

Went in for a few minutes and left.

A disappointment.



The Barbie shop on the outside. No photos inside… 


Since we were there during the typhoon season, it was raining on and off.

We got the ever popular transparent umbrella roughly around 300Yen to 500Yen (cheapest) from the convenient store.

We didn’t bring our umbrella along with us from back home because it’s not allowed in the plane and we didn’t wanna check-in our luggage in case our flight got delayed (which happened).



The sudden rain after our breakfast 🙂


The famous street with many boutiques and people with their umbrellas hitting each other


A cute name for a shop in Harajuku 🙂


The famous Takeshita Street in Harajuku 🙂


The popular signs of the street 🙂


The largest Daiso shop in Tokyo with multiple levels filled with items 🙂 Shopping heaven for some people. Hehe.


A train station just in front of the street. Pretty convenient…


American branded stores located at the main road…


Throughout our entire time in Harajuku, it was pretty gloomy with rain and people bumping into us with their umbrella.

Some tourist had their body odour ENHANCED with the rain as their body mist.

I had to hold my breath a few times because of it.

Overall, the trip to Harajuku was quite alright because of Daiso 🙂

(Shopping is usually a good thing *winks*)


Stopped by Godiva to have a rest and drink.

I even bought a box of chocolate (which is still in my fridge until today).

The pricing per drink was around 470 Yen minimum.

It is about an average price for a cup of Starbucks here in Malaysia.

So it is quite alright 🙂



A giant ad outside of the shop 🙂


Loving the high table and chairs! 🙂


I seriously love this part of the shop! So… Pretty! <3


Just a few tables and chairs for customers to chill 🙂


Open area for customers who smokes 


My paper bag with a box of chocolate in it 🙂


Our cold drinks on a cold afternoon… 


One thing that I really like about Japan is that people that respected the non-smokers.


First and foremost, smoking pods located in a few places for smokers to enjoy a shaded and cool place to smoke in.

For non-smokers like us, we wouldn’t need to walk pass those cloud of smoke! 🙂

A genius thing to do!

I even saw a police officer asking a teenager to stop smoking in public because it is forbidden in that area.

He respectfully complied and even took his cigarette butt along with him and threw it in the bin nearby.

It is quite a good culture to have 🙂


We then headed to Akihabara earlier than expected because we didn’t think we could complete both Shibuya and Harajuku before noon.

So… We managed our way around the train system and landed at where we were supposed to be!


Personally, Akihabara looked like a gaming city to me on a first impression basis.

Buildings had big anime buntings hung proudly, gaming characters pasted on shop windows and many half naked female anime characters all around.


Our first stop, the seven story sex shop!

Since I was super curious as to what they had in there, I was pretty impressed by their management of storage within such a small and narrow building.

Every floor had different things from sex toys to simple lingeries.

I thought of purchasing a few condom packets as souvenir for my friends, but even that looked a bit too dodgy in quality!

So I decided against it.

Walked out empty handed, but gained a bit of understanding for the Japanese sex culture.

A saw a Japanese couple purchasing heaps of sex toys on one of the levels together with some lingeries.

But HEY!

Who am I to judge people’s taste?

I personally don’t think sex is something shameful or taboo to talk about, so… what the heck right?


We completed the first shop and started walking around to look for a few things:

1. Gachapon

2. Yodobashi

To our happiness, we found both! 🙂



The train station is smack right in the middle of the popular street…


Escalator for each level can be seen from the outside 🙂


Another side of the street filled with tall buildings


The Japanese favourite girl group MKB 48


The signature SEGA red building 🙂


On the right red/pink-ish building is the seven story sex shop


People everywhere! At least they were sober 🙂


Promotion for maid cafes everywhere! Another famous thing to do in Akihabara…


We were in search for a gachapon shop that was pretty popular around the area.

Saw a review on Youtube and they said that the shop had loads of machines to try out.

Anddddd… We found it! 🙂



The famous gachapon shop 🙂


The gachapon machines in the shop 🙂


Each carrying different types of themed items. Anything goes! 🙂


Old machines at the front of the shop


And this little cutie came out! Gave it to a friend of mine at work 🙂


Went through the shop and didn’t find anymore cute things.

So we headed out to see more of Akihabara and found a building with tons of other things to see 🙂

The building was called ‘Akihabara Radiokaikan’ (as shown in English outside).

It was a nice experience seeing their very own collectable items mall 🙂



The look of the building outside


Building information of the shops available on each floor


I know a few guys who would like this shop 🙂


Very pretty and expensive handmade dolls…


Cute display with a not for sale sign


Collectable cards, dolls and other items


Went all the way up and nothing much left to look at.

Decided to move on and have dinnerrrrrr *yums!*

I still remember how good my plate of curry, meat and rice tasted *drools*

The shop was right in front of the train station exit.

On average, a plate was around 700 yen plus and above.

I was grateful that English words were present for each item on the menu since there weren’t really pictures of food around for me to point at.


How to place an order?

Via a vending machine located in or outside the shop.

We placed our money into the slot and selected our desired meal by pressing on the buttons and tadaaaaa! 😀

A ticket will drop out and all we needed to do is to pass it to the counter guy/girl and they will hand it to the chef to prepare the food we ordered.

We waited for 5 minutes and our food placed right in front of us to chow down *yums*



Chef’s Kitchen 🙂


Only pictorial menu was outside their shop


Vending machine to pay and get your food 🙂


Supposedly spicy sauce but not so spicy after all 


My beef patty with curry and sticky rice *yums* :p


My husband’s fried pork cutlet with curry and sticky rice with his drink 🙂


Our dinner was super yummy!

And honestly, our meals for the entire day was pretty good 🙂

The food in Tokyo did not disappoint us on the first full day 😀

We continued on to jalan-jalan around Akihabara with a warm and full belly.

Super happy! 😀



The famous 4KB48 Cafe&Shop located in Akihabara. Rumoured to be the most popular shop around 🙂


Guys hanging outside of the Gangnam Shop next to the 4KB48 Cafe&Shop


Le hubby wanted to look for the heaven departmental store for electrical stuff.


Checked the second item on our list! 😉

We bought our G-Shock watches there for a cheaper price as compared to many places.

I didn’t manage to take any photos inside, but seriously, they had so many floors filled with electrical equipments.

They even had half a floor downstairs filled with iPhone casings! 😀

I was so confused with the choice of casings that I had for my phone, that I ended with none! 🙁

Pretty frustrating but I managed to get another phone casing in another shop somewhere near the train station (a tinker bell casing) 😉



Yodobashi on the outside 🙂


It was raining super heavily outside due to the typhoon and we camped inside again for a while more before running to the train station to head back to our hotel.

Rain slowed down to a drizzle and we quickly headed out.

Tip of advice: Do not travel when a typhoon is around!



Train station packed with people, but it was considered mild as compared to the morning madness


Soaked our legs in warm water in the hotel and it was fantastic.

Took our bath and rested our legs.

The whole day was pretty interesting with working people minding their own business and not many tourist around.

The day scene was a different one from the night before we arrived and I really appreciated it.

The city looked really well groomed with trees almost the same height, well clean streets (rather than vomit on the floor in the train station at night) and almost helpful people.



Damage for Day 1 in Tokyo 🙂


Preparing for the next two days in Disneyland 😉

Toodles!! 😀