The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort, Langkawi (August 2013)

We planned a three days two nights stay in Langkawi again 😉

Fell in love with the island when we were there the first time.

This time, we chose a different place to stay.

The Andaman, a Luxury Collection Resort.

The location of the resort is about 30minutes to 45minutes drive (depending how fast your ride is) from the airport.

As for us, it took us about 40minutes to arrive at our destination with a taxi we ordered from the airport counter on the way out.

It costed us RM60 (one way) from the airport to the hotel.

I personally think that the amount paid was decent as other cab drivers requested at almost the same amount too.

Anyways, just when I thought we reached the hotel main lobby entrence, we were greeted by a long and small road.

The taxi driver took about 2 to 3 minutes (while avoiding parked cars at the side of the road) to reach the reception area.

A road that I can never see myself walking if the taxi driver had decided to drop us off at the entrance of the hotel.

Upon our arrival at the main lobby, the staff there greeted us warmly.

We headed to the reception counter and gave our names and IC, but instead of immediately getting the paper work done to check-in, one of the staff ushered us to the sofas located in front of their counter.

They invited us to take a sit while they check us into the hotel 🙂

Every sort of paper work that needed our signature or acknowledgment was presented to us at where we were seat!

Talk about feeling royal! 😉

The last man then came over to give us an introduction of the resort and the activities that we can do there.

He explained that the resort is shaped like an eagle (icon of Langkawi) while the swimming pool is shaped like the island, Langkawi.

Food for thought 😉

Here are some photos of the resort upon arrival.

 My husband waiting for a staff to check us into our room and a complimentary drink per person upon arrival

The main lobby where guests wait for the assistance of the resort staff

A grand entrance with a comfortable and calm feeling

After some arrangements with our activities during our stay, a friendly staff showed us to our room.

The cream of the crop upon our arrival was us being upgraded from a Deluxe Room to a Luxury Pool Access with Access to Rainforest Swimming Pool.

This simply means a swimming pool right in front of your room for your swimming pleasure without having the need to share with anyone else other than your neighbours from other rooms (that is about five rooms sharing one pool).

Only a handful of the Luxury Pool Access rooms are available for booking and I was one happy kid knowing that I had the pool to myself *loves*

I was even happier knowing that my neighbours didn’t even bother using that pool.

My neighbours were happier with the main swimming pool, while I am perfectly fine with my own private pool outside of my room 😉

 A king size bed with comfortable pillows and an iPhone/iPod digital dock to use on the right side of the bed

 The front view of the room facing the pool together with an LCD TV for your entertaining pleasure

A comfy lazy chair with cute couch pillows for reading or napping 

The bottle on the left is actually a traditional bottle where they use it to store water. The hotel will refill the bottle with water about twice a day. If you are not comfortable with it, you can always request for distilled water bottles instead. The fruits on the table is complimentary (but we didn’t eat it during our stay there).

Complimentary coffee with palettes that they will refill once a day (which I doubt that one person can drink all of it)

A bath tub with a bowl of salt for you to soak and relax in it

 A big space for ladies to put her “stuff” without needing their man to sacrifice their space

Raindrop shower glass room

By the time we were done relaxing in our room and even had a bath, we decided to have dinner.

Since there were restaurants in the resort itself, our dinner for the first night was at their Japanese Restaurant.

You can’t miss this place since it is located on the way to your breakfast buffet area.

It is only open for dinner.

We were the first customer in the restaurant (I guess cause we were early).

The ambiance was decent and the staff there were very friendly.

They would check up on you every now and then to make sure that you are happy with your meal.

Simple artwork and furniture at the restaurant

Not many seats available (sometimes advisable to book earlier)

Our starter was a bowl of miso soup and steamed Edamame with salt

Fresh sashimi with wasabi 🙂

Fresh tuna sushi with ginger

Japanese version of duck soup! It was really good *yums*

Cold asparagus with sesame seeds

Our beef set meal with one bowl of rice 

Grilled chicken on skewers as a side dish

Dessert was vanilla ice cream with mochi and melted chocolate *sinful*

The whole meal was about RM250.

I personally think that it was worth it since the meal was great.

People started entering the restaurant after we were done with our meal.

Also, we were given a gift when we called for the bill! 🙂

A staff handmade this in the restaurant <3

Some might think that it is on a pricier side for the meal, but since we were there to enjoy your relaxing stay, we didn’t want to trouble ourselves to drive out for a meal.

If some of you are thinking to eat out for every meal, I suggest renting a car because paying a cab driver every time can be quite costly as well.

After our meal, we decided to check out the hotel grounds.

It was a quiet walk since most guests left the pool for dinner and sun tanners left their lazy chairs to go back into their rooms to prepare for their night at the bar.

My husband and I after dinner with our tummy pretty bloated 😉

 The chilling area if you do not want to be at the beach (with a beach view)

The west wing heading to the center of the building (lobby)

At the back of the lobby that faces the pool and sea (you can smell the refreshing breeze from here)

The main lobby where we were earlier in the day

The bar and chilling area with a sea view

 Lazy chairs all around the pool with umbrellas

The pool facing the beach during sunset <3

Pretty sunset at the beach

Look at how amazing the view is at the beach during sunset

The clean beach without sunbathers

And another photo of the sunset at the wonderful beach

A photo of the two of us enjoying the scenery <3

After a walk around the beach with the beautiful sunset, we decided to head over to the DVD rental shop upstairs.

FYI, the rental is free and you are allowed to rent two DVD’s at a time.

They have quite a few choices, but please don’t expect new movies to be on those shelves.

Rented Fantastic 4 and The Hulk.

It was a lovely evening to remember.

In the morning, we headed out for our complimentary buffet breakfast.

Although they do not have a lot of choices, I still think it is alright with the regular English breakfast choices, nasi lemak, fried noodies, pastries and cereal (OH! they also had an egg station – which is compulsory in every hotel in my opinion).

While we were there, a waiter was offering every guest a small cup of fresh yogurt made specially for the day.

It was delicious!

My breakfast is always simple and heavy with meat, eggs and hash brown accompanied with a cup of tea

After breakfast we decided to take a stroll at the beach.

I love the beach and by spending some quiet time walking hand in hand with my husband, it gave me such great joy.

The sound of the waves crashing was such a calming thing.

Another personal reason for loving the private beach is that I won’t be seeing a big crowd hogging the whole beach while being noisy and dirty (which totally defeats the purpose of the sea giving you a calming effect).

The clean beach with beautiful green moutains behind 🙂

The other part of the beach where the east wing of the resort is still under renovation at that time

Me just busy picking up seashells for my scrapbook 😉


After our walk at the beach, I threw on my bikini and sunblock and I was on my way to the general pool together with my wonderful book (and of course with my husband).

We stopped at the pool first to have a swim.

However, it was quite crowded at about 9am.

Anyhow, we managed to swim around regardless.

Me being unhealthy, a few short laps were all I could take.

My legs began to feel like jelly.

I have to admit, I haven’t been exercising since my college days 🙁


Then it was to the beach to try our luck in getting a good spot to read our books while sun tanning.

My husband doesn’t really like the sun while I am the total opposite.

Me being asian having tanned skin can be quite odd at times because the girls I know will immediately whip out their shades and umbrella to hide themselves from the sun.

This is to avoid getting tanned and to protect themselves being fair skinned at all times.


A selfie while at the pool ;p

Me with my book at the beach while getting a tan 🙂


We scheduled a session for coral education in the resort.

 The session costs RM50 per head.

With the RM50, you are able to look at the corals planted in the man made pool and also understand why they exist in the sea.

A staff informed us that because of the corals, the tsunami did not hit Langkawi that hard.

None of the properties in Andaman suffered a great impact all thanks to the corals protecting the resort.

This coral rehabilitation centre is an effort to grow corals and then planting them back into the sea once they are mature enough.

It is a way that the resort has come up with to help mother nature.

Rehabilitating and rescue corals that were damaged during the tsunami a few years back.

They have coral planting seasons as well, but I wasn’t there at the right time for this activity 🙁

Anyways, we learned a lot while viewing the corals in the nursery by our guide Tim (if I am not wrong because I am naturally really bad with people’s name).

We had the chance to get into the pool of corals while Tim explained each function of a coral that exists in the nursery.

I gotta admit that it was a pretty cool experience 🙂

Both my husband and I took turn as it was a precaution of not damaging the corals without proper supervision within the pool.

Interesting facts located all around the pool 🙂 

The overall view of the coral nursery (it is much bigger when you are inside viewing the corals)

Other fun facts of different types of coral in the nursery 

Did you even know? 🙂 

The clear water of the nursery pool 

Who knew? 😉 

A hidden heart shape located at the side of the pool <3

My beloved husband posing at the side of the nursery 🙂 

A warning to guests who thinks that this is a “normal” swimming pool with interesting decorations

Our minds were simply blown away knowing so many information about corals.

If I am given the opportunity again, I might just drop by during their coral plantation activity.

We had another walk around the beach after the coral education and then decided to head back to our room because the pool was pretty packed then with kids.

Headed back to our room and decided to enjoy the pool outside our room which nobody usually utilise at normal hours for swimming.

After awhile, our hunger started kicking in and the laziness to walk out to grab a bite, we called for room service 😉

We had beef burger and a kids mini chicken burger with fries together with a mango margarita and a bottle of water.

In total spent for this meal was about RM150, which is quite alright.

Another alternative is a meal by the pool that is also about the same as ordering room service (in terms price).

A top view of our meal delivered by a very friendly resort staff

My kids mini chicken burger with fries

A side view of our meal 😉

Following after was more swimming and then soaking in our bathtub.

We then took another walk by the beach (I loved the beach A LOT! hehehe..)

With a tan and the sea breeze hitting my face was just great.

Knowing that I was supposed to leave the next day didn’t do much justice since I was so reluctant to leave the place (especially the beach).

Beach view when the clouds cover the sky <3

Our dinning experience at night for dinner (continue reading.. ;))

Water activities are available at the resort but you will need to book them in advance 

Beach view on the right side of the resort

Where the warm sea water meets the cold fresh water 🙂 I always loved to dip my feet into it..

We tried one more restaurant located in the resort, Jala.

It was recommended that we make a reservation before dinning, but we decided to just walk in since we usually have our dinner quite early as compared to the other guests in the hotel.

This place seems famous for choosing their fresh catch of the day displayed at the main entrance of the restaurant.

It is charged based on the type of fish chosed and method of cooking.

Unfortunately, we weren’t really in the mood for fresh seafood so we decided to stick to the menu based food.

So we ordered fish and chips (how ironic) and ratatouille with starters such as salad and potato with chicken in a bowl.

The logo of the restaurant that greets you at the entrance

Me and the restaurant view as the backdrop

The direct view from my seat

A huge menu board with a list of food that they offer

The view of the restaurant facing the sea and hills surrounding the resort

A big tree is located in the middle of the restaurant like a design

The right hand side of the restaurant beyond the tree

The full view of the tree surrounded by other plants and decorations 

Full view of the restaurant while it was still bright

Both of us waiting for our meal to be served

A complimentary starter from the restaurant while waiting for our order

It came with a few pieces of bread with carrots, asparagus and cheese (located at the bottom of the mini pot)

Eat your yummy bread with these sides available 

A side view of the adorable complimentary starter

My refreshing mixed fruit salad that I enjoyed quite a lot

A cute bowl of chicken and potato served in a very fine dinning way

A closer view of his chicken and potato starter

The sunset view from our table facing the beach and hills

Us and the sunset view

The sunset view from our table

My plate of ratatouille

His fish and chips 

Our main course: Fish & Chips and Ratatouille

The view of the restaurant in the evening

The positive side of the restaurant is definately the ambiance.

We had the sunset view perfectly in front of us while dinning with the sand beneath us.

The flooring of the entire restaurant is filled with soft sand and yes, we were required to remove our footwear before entering.

The food served wasn’t as good as I thought it would be considering the whole restaurant ambiance was fantastic.

Ratatouille served wasn’t fine dining style as I thought they would be serving.

Instead, they served a chunky version (homemade style) of ratatouille that was quite disappointing considering that I paid about RM30 plus for a plate of chunky vegetables.

Fish and chips was alright like any other fish and chips that you can find in an average shop.

The only thing I enjoyed eating was the starter and the plate of refreshing salad.

After paying and being quite disappointed with our meal, we walked around the resort again.

Pool view at night

Lazy chairs facing the large pool at night under the tree

In the morning after our buffet breakfast, it was time to say goodbye.

Took a cab to the airport from the resort and it costed us an additional RM10 as compared to renting one from the airport counter.

Leaving the resort with quite a reluctant heart 🙁

But all in all, I really enjoyed my time in Langkawi and so far, it has never disappointed me yet.

Loved all the friendliness and cosy feeling when I was staying in the hotel.

I will surely head back to Langkawi again to run away from the city lifestyle 😉

Time for me to sleep so goodnight world! 😀

Langkawi Getaway

Objective of Trip: De-stress 🙂

Being in Langkawi was a needed trip from the start.

The compiled level of stress was through the roof.

As for those of you who are not working, you’re not missing out anything much in the working world.

Stayed in Berjaya Langkawi Resort and we definately didn’t regret the decision.

They have a private beach in front of the hotel, but since we stayed in the rainforest chalet, we had to walk a distance before reaching the beach.

Other than that, everything was great!

Le Main Entrance

The Room Arrangements

Since I love staying in places where I could be near the beach, this was ideal.

The beach was private and it was good cause I honestly don’t like the idea of having so many people at the beach while I am relaxing.

I can’t imagine having kids screaming at the top of their lungs while I am happily lounging on the beach chair.

So yeap, here’s a few photos of the fabulous beach! 🙂

Decided to have dinner at the “town” and also do some duty free shopping there.

Popped by some shops to purchase a few souvenirs for my family and friends.

Then needing to fill our empty tanks, we found a quite unique shop with really good food (although it is a bit pricey for some people).

Didn’t regret ordering more than we could handle.

Fret not! Every bit of ’em were consumed.





The rest of my days there were mainly chilling by the pool and beach, swimming in both places, and walking around the resort since their property was quite big to begin with.

The most important thing throughout this trip was to spend some quality time with my boy.

Since we are usually busy with work and families of our own on a daily basis, it is quite hard for us to fork out a few minutes of our time to just relax and unwind.

Having this getaway was a life saver for me as I was at the verge of going insane because of work.





So yeahhh…

That was a short getaway during my weekend!

A great trip to unwind 😉

Till next time!