Instant Brownie :)



I was craving for some chocolate brownies and went on Youtube to find something simple to bake.

Wasn’t in the mood for something complicated or messy.

Found Byron Talbott on Youtube and he gave really simple steps to making chocolate brownies 🙂

I usually create a big mess of things in the kitchen while baking, but this recipe and method was really easy.

So here’s the short receipe with the steps needed to make it.













The final product should be quite yummy! 🙂

I used pure cocoa powder for this instead of regular cocoa powder and caster sugar instead of regular sugar.

Recommended things to do are to sift all types of flour before mixing into the wet mixture to prevent lumps.

It is also recommended to eat it with vanilla ice-cream! 😀

I had mine with vanilla chocolate chips and almond ice-cream *yum!*

I’ll leave the Youtube link below for your reference 😉

Good luck to whoever intends to bake this!


Youtube link for your viewing pleasure:

D.I.Y. Coloured Sugar

Recently, I was shopping for baking ingredients and saw the ridiculous price for a bottle of coloured sugar!

It would cost me about roughly RM17 per bottle in Cold Storage, which I personally thought that it was too pricey for just coloured sugar.

I felt like a rip off and I was pretty sure that I’ll be able to make some on my own.

So, I did! 🙂

Went through a few websites and watched a few YouTube videos and decided to try it myself.


Things that you will need:

1/3 cup of sugar

A small bottle of colouring

A zip lock bag


Here is an example of the ingredients needed 


Pour all desired sugar into the zip lock bag to reduce the messiness of mixing it with food colouring later.



Then drip a few drips of food colouring into the bag.

The number of drops depends on the depth of the colour that you want.

I wanted a lighter colour so I only added three drops.



Seal the zip lock bag and then start to mix everything together.

There could be a few clumps of red dots found a round the bag, but you should continue to mix.

The end product will look like mine.



I left it overnight for everything to dry out or you could just leave it for an hour outside to dry.

You can change the type of sugar however you like.

F.Y.I.: I used regular sugar for this post 🙂

Hope you guys enjoyed the short post!