Rainbow Cake Recipe <3

I have finally settled on baking a rainbow cake over the weekend ūüôā

Followed the recipe from the Kerry Cooks website, but made some amendments on my own to reduce the sweetness and buttery taste of the frosting.

Brought the final product to work on Monday morning and everyone loved the cake, but thought that the frosting was a tad bit on the sweeter side.

DSCF6190-copyTop view of the finished product


– 350g all purpose flour

– 3 teaspoon of baking powder

– 350g soft butter

– 350g molasses sugar

– 6 large eggs

– 1 tablespoon vanilla extract

– 40ml full cream milk (skimmed milk would do the trick too)

– 2 pinches of salt



– 100g butter

– 250g cream cheese

– 450g icing sugar (sifted into a mixing bowl)



Preheat your oven to 150 celsius for 10minutes. Firstly, I recommend sifting the all purpose flour, baking powder and molasses sugar before mixing them well in a large mixing bowl. In a separate bowl, mix your melted butter with eggs and milk. You can then add the dry mixture slowly into the bowl that contains butter, eggs and milk. This avoids the possibility of flour flying all over the place while mixing with an electric mixer.

After mixing everything evenly without seeing lumps, seperate the mix into six bowls evenly (I scooped an estimated of one cup into each bowl). Then add your desired food colouring into each mixing bowl (it is recommended a few drips at a time until you get your desired colour). Complete all your six colours and pour individual mixed batter into their respective baking tin. I used a 12cm diameter with 5.5cm height baking tin for this recipe. One cup of the batter fills almost half of the baking tin, which is ideal for stacking later after it is baked and trimmed.

For my baking regime, I fan baked my cake at 150 celsius for 20 minutes (you might need to adjust the temperature according to the type of baking tin that you have). Put all your baking tin on the same tray level in the oven to bake evenly. I baked three layers of cake at a time. So that means I had to go back and forth two rounds to achieve six layers.

Pop out the baked cakes from their baking tin and leave them to cool off on a rack for about 10 minutes. If you would like, trim off the top to make it even for frosting.



While waiting for your batter to be ready in the oven, mix your frosting in another mixing bowl. You can melt your butter by placing hot water beneath your metal mixing bowl or you can always put it in the microwave oven instead. Stir until everything is melted without lumps and then add in the 250g cream cheese into a bowl.

Sieve icing sugar little by little into the butter and cream cheese batter. After mixing well without clumps in sight, I recommend putting it into the fridge before you attempt to frost. You can check after an hour to see if you would like to frost your cake with a more solid mixture or liquid like form.



For me, I started off by slathering a layer of frosting on top of the first layer below (purple). Then worked my way up to the last layer. I read a few recipes online and they recommend not to put too much frosting in between the layers to avoid spilling from the sides when you stack more layers up. However, I sort of liked the spilling out effect because it actually made it easier for me to frost the gap in between two layers. You can do it however you like.

After making sure all my layers were evenly stacked, I began frosting the entire cake with a flat and long spatula. It helped quite a lot with the sides of the cake. If you need more explanation on frosting, you can always visit WikiHow’s website:¬†http://www.wikihow.com/Frost-a-Cake

Completed my first layer of frosting for the cake and stuck it back into the fridge for another hour. Took it back out to frost the second layer and to me, I was satisfied with the outcome. Sprinkled some edible coloured beads on top to make it pretty and tadaaaa!


DSCF6193-copyA front view of the cake (please excuse the uneven frosting)

DSCF6195-copyA side profile of the cake ūüôā

DSCF6183-copyThe type of food colouring I used for this cake (you can use any type as you wish)


All credit given to Kerry Cooks for her recipe on this rainbow cake.

Drop me a comment if you to use this recipe!

Just want to see if it works for everyone¬†ūüėČ

Happy baking! ūüôā