Second Trip to Taiwan (April 2013) – Day 8 & 9 [END]

Second last day in Taiwan!

So much drama after much suffer from food poisoning and indigestion while visiting the country.

Seriously didn’t see that coming since we planned to see many more places within Taiwan itself *sighs*


I got better after getting some medication the following day (it was too horrible to describe it here) and headed out to see Dansui!

Even though we didn’t meet up with my friend who is staying there, we still decided to walk around the place and say our last goodbyes to the area before flying off the next day.

Here are some photos of the place 🙂


Some pretty delicious looking cupcakes which I couldn’t even eat on that day 🙁


Outside Taipei Main Station before taking a train to Dansui


Busy street in Taipei even with the rain


This is how the building looks like from the outside


ANDDDD THEN! Welcome to Dansui 😀


A total different feeling of the place as compared to the city


Performers and people all around the place


Shopping and food galore! However, since I just recovered, I can’t eat ANYTHING! *huff and puff with irritation!*


Anyone can ride on these with a fee of course 🙂 Since my head was already feeling all over the place in the train ride over, riding in one of those is just suicide for me 🙁


A misty view of the buildings opposite the harbour 🙂


One recovered from food poisoning and one from indigestion taking a selfie without a care :p


So basically, we just walked around Dansui for about an hour plus before heading back to our hotel.

Didn’t do much because my mind was busy floating around while we were in the train.

Before I created any unwanted scene in the train, we got back and rested more.

The day after, we still had some money left and I bought myself a MIFFY pillow! Hehehehe..

I just couldn’t settle with the fact that I wasted a few days in the hotel ill without the chance of seeing other new things that Taiwan has to offer.

So sad 🙁

Here’s a photo of MIFFY! *grins*


Doesn’t it look round and cuddly? Hehe! 


Packed everything up and checked out of the hotel.

Said our reluctant goodbyes and left for the airport.

I can honestly tell you that we were jinxed mid way of the trip.

While checking our luggages before boarding, our bags somehow managed to become overweight!

You know…. My last trip in Taiwan the previous year…. I carried way more heavier things as compared to this second trip.

To have that lady at the counter saying that my bag was overweight just gave me a shock!

I had to do the pack-and-unpack-walk-of-shame in front of everyone else *sighs*

TMI: Thank God that I had decent looking panties and bras in the bag (just in case anyone saw ANYTHING)

SO! I created MAGIC!

After much repacking done, both bags we underweight by 1kg (if I’m not wrong).


Being satisfied of not needing to pay additional cost for overweight bags, we headed to the check in point.


The officer said that we couldn’t bring in our camera tripod onto the plane.

It was the most fantastic experience that I had.

Went back to the luggage check in point and weighed that bugger.

And guess what!?!?!

We went overweight AGAIN with that stick!

So both of us got fed up and paid the penalty for our overweight luggages.

Our pockets were empty after payment and nothing left to even purchase something to munch on (not even enough to get a bottle of water) -_-

We took it as a sign that we shouldn’t be returning to Taiwan for a third trip anytime soon.

That’s a wrap on our second trip to Taiwan! 🙂

Second Trip to Taiwan (April 2013) – Day 7

On our seventh day in Taiwan after Jason got better from food poisoning, we decided to head to MaoKong for a second visit 🙂

This time around, we walked the entire stretch of the mountain to have a look as compared to our previous visit there.

Took the glass gondola up as usual and had a teabreak before taking a stroll.



Bought this gummy treat to munch on during our gondola ride and it was the worst mistake I’ve made! Yuck!


A must take photo in the glass gondola 🙂


A clear view of the gondola ride from one station to another


A restaurant for people to stop by and fill their empty tummies


Stopped by my favourite beautiful cafe on the mountain for some tea and snacks 🙂


Everything made from this small truck 🙂 Cute isn’t it? <3


The cafe is located at a very prominent place on the mountain 🙂


Our yummy pastries and tea 😉


A close up view of my cake and raspberry tea 🙂


A beautiful view of the green mountain from our seat 


A clean and wet walkway in the afternoon


Restaurants and tea shops available for visiting guests 🙂


A small place with a bit of information to visitors to see and understand


An old place with some history to see


Hopscotch for children to play while waiting for their parents (with a cute little muddy piggy looking on) 🙂


A signage with a map of the mountain for visitors to have an idea what is available there


A closer view of the map on the signage


Since the mountain is named after a cat, it is only fitting that this cute little thing is sitting here


A very nice red brick shop 🙂


A cute restaurant with white wooden fence surrounding it


An overall pretty view on the other side of the mountain 🙂


Cute paintings on the wall with a restaurant above it 🙂


Passed by another restaurant on the way walking back to the gondola


After a nice stroll, we went back down the mountain and had an early dinner before resting back in our hotel.

Stopped by Ximending and decided to eat in this Japanese looking restaurant.

I personally think that their food is quite alright, but I couldn’t stomach the spicy oily beef that I ordered.

Ended up, I had indigestion that night itself.

Had a bloated tummy and vomited the entire night until the next day. Yuck!

AND let me tell you!!

It wasn’t a pretty sight to see me in *sighs*

ANYWAYS, here are some photos of the restaurant and the meal that we had.

Just by looking at the photos make me feel all uncomfortable again. Ugh!


The view at the front of the shop


The cashier and stairs leading to another floor of the restaurant 


Other tables around the restaurant


A pretty orchid on the table 🙂


Our set meal (I have decided to use a photo with the lid closed for the beef served)


Even though I finished the whole set and felt good after a meal, I regret eating that much because it all ended up in the toilet bowl.

Sorry for being a bit graphic but that’s what happened *sighs*

We called it a day after that meal and didn’t really go anywhere else (it was a wise decision).

And you pretty much could guess what I did the whole night!

I was literally married to the toilet bowl.

Barely had any sleep and nothing was really open for us to purchase any type of medicine.

What a way to send our third last day in Taiwan 🙁