Blabbing: A New Year, A Fresh Start

By now, many people had posted their goodbyes to 2015 and hellos to 2016.

As some of you now know from my Dayre post, 2015 wasn’t entirely a crappy year.

Saying goodbye to 2015 does not only mean to let go of the past, but to also let go of people who doesn’t contribute much in my life in any way possible.

I’ve come to realise this over and over again that true friends are really hard to find.

I have only a handful of them now and I’m quite satisfied with it.


People just wanted to shape and mold me into someone I’m not and I initially thought that it was alright!

I then began to realise that not everyone will like you for who you are and that’s really okay with me now.

I’ve learned to accept it and will not change myself just to be liked or to be fitted in.


This new year is something for me to learn to love myself, my family, close friends and a baby on the way.

I will be blogging throughout my pregnancy experience to record the memories down this road.

Daily special experiences will be blogged via Dayre ( and on a weekly basis (hopefully) further details will be uploaded here in my main blog instead.

One of my New Year’s resolution is to begin blogging again and opening myself up again like I once did.


I wish my family and friends well for the new year ahead 🙂



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