Pregnancy: Eating For Two?? *ahem*


It’s literally true!

You ARE really eating for two.

HOWEVER, our older folks tend to think that you have every right to eat two whole main portions per meal on your own.

I saw a lady eating two main dishes (one plate of rice and one bowl of noodles), but did not finish both of her meals (like duh!).

Downing one scoop of rice on the left and slurping noodles on the right.

It was like a survival game happening in front of me, but everyone else at that table felt it was a normal every day thing for a pregnant lady.

I on the other hand felt uncomfortable looking at her downing those two portions on her own.

True story.


I’m not saying that pregnant ladies can’t eat more than their usual diet and should starve themselves whenever they’re hungry.

BUT! Please note that there is a difference between overeating and eating healthily for baby and yourself.

I attended one of those first time parents workshop and the nutritionist made it very clear that you shouldn’t over eat.

If you need more guidance on what to eat, this website is quite useful:


I don’t deny that I have unhealthy cravings such as nasi lemak, ice-cream, potato chips and etc.

Indulgence of nasi lemak is on a VERY controlled basis since it is quite fattening and unhealthy due to santan.

In terms of other unhealthy cravings, I’ve learned to control it by munching on fruits and drinking more water (which a pregnant lady should).

So yeah!

I ain’t a saint, but definitely found ways to control my eating habits to maintain an ideal weight and feel healthier throughout my pregnancy.

I’m still trying my very best on a daily basis and will continue to do so 🙂

That’s it for now 😉


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  1. Actually coconut milk is very healthy as with virgin coconut oil. The unhealthy part of nasi lemak is the sugar derived from too much rice 😁

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