Blabbing: Married at 24 & a Mother at 27


“I didn’t know that you are married!”

Quite a common question many asked when they saw my big pregnant belly.

Then after knowing that I got married at 24, more questions start pouring in wondering how or why I got married “young”.

Close friends knew that I didn’t have such plans in life, but it just happened!

Many asked if I have given up a lot in life because I married “young” as people my age were either still partying or chasing their life long dreams.

My answer is a definite no 🙂

I still had a life!

Just a different kind.

My time spent at work and with friends were balanced in a way that I wanted it to be (still the same).

I can’t really be bothered by people’s thoughts and opinions about how I should live my life.

Married life is a work in progress as usual as nothing is perfect.

Not many people understand that marriage is something that needs both husband and wife to work hard to keep things together.

You will learn how to compromise, understand and communicate during the easy and hard times.

With everything said, I thank my husband for his patience, support and understanding until this very day.

It is not easy to put others first before yourself.




The arrival of Owen in the family definitely is a combination of happiness and love.

Understanding a baby is a whole new level when you’re tired.

Even though it can be quite taxing, it is a privilege to be his parents 🙂

It was quite a roller coaster ride at home with a confinement lady and the beginnings of my breast feeding journey, but I will cover this drama in another post.

I have no regrets having my baby at the age of 27 and I’m very blessed to be a mommy.

Everyone will have a different journey in life and they shouldn’t be judged just because it is different from most of us.

As for me, Owen’s arrival is another milestone in my life and I would want to embrace as much of it as possible before he grows up and leaves mommy for his own life.

Until next time!

Toodles! 🙂

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