Second Trip to Taiwan (April 2013) – Day 2

The weather greeting us on the second day of Taiwan was cooling.

After checking out from our room, we headed to Taipei Main Station to catch a train to Taichung (via bullet train).

I suggest purchasing your tickets earlier to ensure that you have a seat at the preferred traveling time 🙂

Some prefer to purchase their tickets earlier from the Taiwan Railways official website.

On our way to find the correct platform to wait for our train, we stopped by a pastry shop selling really delicious sweet things *drools*

1-copyFront view of the cute little shop

2-copyA selection of pastries according to your liking 😉

3-copyRecommended pastry shown at the front of the counter 🙂

4-copyAnother pretty pastry at the front counter <3

5-copyCute decorations at the right side of the shop 🙂

6-copyMy happy purchase from the shop 😉

8-copyThis is a snapshot of the shop details located at the Taipei Main Station

I recommend people trying this place out if it is still there until today 🙂

The pastry was pretty yummy and didn’t regret buying one piece (even though it was on a pricier side).

My fiance (at that time) could not understand how I could digest something so sweet early in the morning, but who needs a reason to have a happy fix ;p

Walked around the train station to have a look at the shops and restaurants.

There were quite a lot of restaurants and stalls selling food, but we realized that many opted for a bento set breakfast/lunch from a stall downstairs.

People would line up just to get their meal!

We didn’t want to have rice in the morning and continued walking along until I noticed an OPI shop just around the corner.

Being happy as I could be for discovering a shop that sells nail polish cheaper than I can get in Malaysia perked me up!

If you must know, I bought a bottle just to satisfy myself (RM40 per bottle for an original OPI).

If it was sold in Malaysia, it would’ve costed about RM70 per bottle!

Walked around and headed to the bullet train waiting area to catch our train after a short walk around the area.

Before entering the station waiting area, my fiance wanted to eat something light and bought himself salad and a bottle of drink while I happily savor my beautiful pastry that I just bought. Hehe!

Waited for about 20 minutes for the train’s arrival (we were early).

Took a few photos before and on board the train 🙂

9-copyA gift shop for people who wants a Taipei Main Station memento with my good looking fiancé in front 😉

10-copyA few of the many things they sell in the gift shop

11-copyMe and the view of the main ticketing area

12-copyIt is like a small shopping mall within a train station 🙂

13-copyThe open concept food court that many stop by to eat

14-copyHis turkey salad for breakfast

7-copyMy beautiful breakfast ;p

15-copyMy handsome and the train behind him <3

16-copyThe interior of the train

17-copyTaichung train station 🙂

Upon arrival, we had to take a bus from the train station to the hotel that we were going to stay for about two nights.

We chose to stay at the Le Parker Hotel mainly because of convenience.

The hotel is near to a bus stop opposite the road and the Fengjia night market is just right in front of the hotel! 🙂

Being new to the area, we did not know which bus to take and decided to stop by at the information counter to get some guidance.

(Note: A few taxi drivers were there at the counter to get some business from tourist visiting the area)

Pointed out to the lady at the information counter on the map as to where we wanted to head to and she told us which bus to catch.

We missed the first bus just by a few minutes and had to wait for another 20 – 30 minutes for another one to arrive.

18-copyLower deck of the bus

19-copyThe top deck of the bus for passengers to sit

20-copyLe Parker Hotel standard room for our two nights stay 🙂

Checked in and freshened ourselves up to prepare for a walk to the famous Miyahara store (Dawncake) in Taichung.

We thought that it was about a 15minutes walk from the hotel that we were staying.

OH BOY! We were so wrong!

We found a different store instead within a 15minutes walk distance.

We were quite speechless.

I recommend getting all the directions and actual addresses of the places that you intend to go because I know very well that I will never want to feel that again!

21-copyOne of the chain stores of pineapple cakes

We were quite disappointed and made a drastic decision to find the big and famous Miyahara store.

Our initial plan of walking to the venue was quite a big mistake because it took us about an hour plus to reach our destination.

Good thing we had our umbrella’s with us because it showered for awhile during our walk.

Found the place after walking for quite some time.

Walking gave us such a unique experience to see the lifestyle of people around the area.

Different themed clothing stores, shopping centre, family owned shops and small restaurants 🙂

We were quite tired and a bit cranky for being lost, but it all ended well when we found the place.

22-copyOur scenery while walking to our destination 🙂 

23-copySome of the architectural design surrounding the area

24-copyA wider view of the entire quiet street

25-copyThe most happiest thing that we were looking forward to the entire tiring journey

26-copyI really love those tall book shelves <3

27-copyA blurry view of the ceiling and stairs

28-copyPretty glass ceiling <3

29-copyLower floor filled with goodies to purchase

30-copyCounters that offer free samples on their products

31-copyThe floor above us

32-copyObviously can’t miss a selfie with the place 🙂

33-copyTypes of biscuits and cookies for sale with unique packaging

34-copyAnother view of the shop

35-copyDifferent styles of biscuits for sale

36-copyChocolate chip cookies anyone? 😉

Walked around the store and discovered an ice-cream shop just next to the tea corner!

Dessert before dinner is sinful, but I couldn’t care less since I had a blueberry pastry in the morning.

A cup of ice-cream for dinner can’t do much damage :p

I read a few reviews online when I got home after the trip and found out that people would usually line up for about 30 minutes to get their ice-cream (sometimes even longer).

HOWEVER, we were one of the lucky ones that day.

We DID NOT need to wait in line!

It took us less than 5 minutes to get our fix.

Choose your type of base (either in a plain paper cup, with waffle or just a cone).

Then it was to the selection of ice-cream (the fun part for me)!

The amount of scoops will depend on the size of the base that you chose (same policy as Baskin Robbins).

You can then customise your topping.

They charge according to the number of toppings you choose (I selected frozen berries and cheese cake cubes).

Pay for your delicious treat and then look for a seat outside!

As simple as that!

37-copyPeople choosing the type of ice-cream that they want 

38-copyA nice art piece behind this lady at the counter 

39-copyPure flavoured ice-cream <3

40-copyA wide selection of toppings to bathe your ice-cream with 🙂

41-copyThe supposedly long waiting line (as pictured on other blogging sites)

42-copyWith his first scoop of goodness ;p

43-copyA close up view of the entire sweet thing <3

 Together with my haul from the shop to bring back home and good ice-cream, I was a happy girl.

UNTIL reality hit me as we needed to find our way back to the hotel.

We couldn’t find a bus that makes a stop at the street near our hotel.

Thus, my fiance decided that we should walk a bit more further to catch a bus, which would bring us back.

I got fed up of walking any further and jumped in to ask for directions from a young university student at a bus stop that we were at.

I couldn’t speak Mandarin to save my life, so I pushed my fiance to ask her instead.

She was really helpful!

Although I did not catch your name, we would want to thank you once again for helping us lost folks! 🙂

You even made sure a few times that we knew which bus stop to get off from!

Thank you so much!

After a long day, we bought dinner from a convenience store opposite the hotel street and headed back to our room.

Had a long nice bath since we were stinking with sweat from a longgggg and tiring day.

The hotel provided breakfast the next day and we slept without worrying about food.

Falling asleep that night wasn’t an issue for the both of us.

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