Update On My Life + 20 Facts About Me

Guilty as charged.

I know that I haven’t been blogging lately because I was pretty much hooked onto this set of books I bought recently 🙂

Out of five books, I’ve managed to finish four now and still deciding if I should start reading the last one.

I’m a person who LOVES happy ending and thus, I enjoy a lot of hero movies where they would always win in the end :p


Other than keeping myself occupied with my books, I had a change of job scope recently at work and I’m enjoying it quite a bit 😉

Bought a plant to be placed at work but it sorta ALMOST died on me but my colleague managed to guide me into the right direction of caring for the plant (as you can see, I don’t have green fingers/hands or whatever it is called).

At the moment, it is still ALIVE *fingers crossed*


Ummm.. What else?

Celebrated my husband’s birthday recently too 🙂

All in all, nothing drastic happened.


A friend of mine tagged me in this “20 Facts About Me” thingy on Instagram and decided to share it here as well 🙂

Although in reality, there’s nothing much interesting to know about my life.

So here goes!


20 Facts About Me:

1. I love to eat spicy food in general (especially seafood tom yam soups)

2. I tend to ignore everyone/everything when I’m reading a book that I like

3. I love to travel (a dream of mine since a little kid)

4. I am a VERY lazy person (i.e. I hate to fold my blanket every morning)

5. I like the color blue (but sorta prefer purple now – can’t explain it)

6. I love my bed, blanket and pillow (it is my oldest relationship)

7. I like eating pastries (especially those with berries on/in it)

8. I hate eating sour fruits in general

9. I LOVE milky chocolate bars

10. I love eating potato chips at the movies

11. I love the beach

12. I prefer wearing shorts and a huge shirt around the house

13. I like spending my time at home as compared to a packed shopping mall

14. I love cute dogs (i.e. husky and westies)

15. I most only know how to cook western food

16. I like having pretty nails

17. I love love love soft toys (haven’t changed even after marriage)

18. I like happy ending movies

19. I’m somewhat of an introvert

20. I didn’t mention this last one in my Instgram post but I love chocolate ice-cream ;p


Now you know me a little bit better :p

I expect some mutual understanding in the future if anyone sees me being uncomfortable in certain situations.


Toodles! <3

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