Baking Cheat Sheet: Spoons & Cups Conversion

 Baking sometimes can be quite difficult without any proper measuring tools.

So I sort of made this cheat sheet for an easy reference to be placed on the table while baking.

It might not look pretty and all, but I did try my best (no designer background knowledge) 🙂

Please do not use it for any comercial purpose ;p

Enjoy! 🙂


One Thought on “Baking Cheat Sheet: Spoons & Cups Conversion

  1. How about mugs? or bowls?

    if i were to take a sip out of the cup first, how many tea spoons will i have to minus?

    is there a diff for liquid and solids?

    like water will only fill the cup/tea spoon to its brim at max looking flat, but flour.sugar/salt can go well over the brim, looking like a little mountain.

    Q : what would i get if i have 19277 teaspoon full of little mountain sugar
    A : Potential diabetes problem

    Q : how many months have 28 days?
    A : All of them

    Q : Who is your most awesomest cousin ever?
    A : ME!!!

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