Goodbye 2016 :)


2016, you’ve treated me quite well even though it wasn’t the smoothest December I’ve had, but I’m still very thankful for a great year.

With the arrival of Owen this year, our lives changed so much!

Even though we struggled quite a bit adjusting our lives, Owen brought so much love and happiness ❤️

Unconditional love does exist 😊

I wish for a blessed 2017 with my family 🙂

My only resolution for this new year is for all of us to be happy and healthy! 🎉

Daddy and mommy loves you! 😘

Toodles 2016!!

MommyBlabs: The Whole Labor Drama!


It all started on a HOT Saturday.

Drama betul 😝

I had a nice day out with my friends with delicious waffles and obviously a bit of gossip.

Came home, had dinner and prepared for a relaxing time in the evening.

Bathed and lied down on my bed ready to sleep.

Wrapped my legs around my bolster like I would every night and then a *POP* happened!

I felt a gush of liquid coming out and immediately power walked to the toilet.

My thought at that moment:

“O.M.G. My water bag broke”

Opened the toilet door and told Jason (who was happily chilling on his bean bag while watching TV) in the most happy-shocked-excited-calm way possible.

He went downstairs to tell my in laws to get ready and back upstairs to take our hospital bags (mine, his and baby’s).

As for me, I took my handbag and jumped (not literally) into the car, while waiting for everyone to get ready.

I was feeling excited.

Loaded everything and everyone into the car and headed to the hospital.

Stopped to get petrol.

Continued our journey to the hospital.

My thoughts during our journey to the hospital was “This is really happening. Our life is changing. Someone new will be added to our family. This is really happening. When I go home the next time, I will have my little boy with me”


Jason dropped my mother in law (MIL) and I at the emergency entrance, while he looked for parking.

Two nurses were on standby and asked what happened.

I blurted “My water bag broke”

A male nurse immediately took a wheelchair and asked me to take a seat.

He asked questions like “what time it broke,” “are you in pain?” and “where do you live” in the most gentle and calm way possible.

Pushed me to the labor room and two new nurses came to attend to me.

Here came the bad experience.

Both nurses were sorta unhelpful and unfriendly, which was quite a shocker since it is a private hospital.

One nurse told me to take off all of my clothes (including undergarments) and change into the hospital gown provided while pointing at the toilet.

I remembered asking her “So… Do I just let all the liquid drip out?”

And she answered in a very sarcastic tone “Yeah!”

I was unimpressed 😒

Waited for awhile without further information on how or what I should do.

Fast forward about 10 to 15mins later, Jason came in and a nurse told him what he needed to do to get our registration done.

Once that was done, she just told me to rest.

No further information provided! 😕

Some time passed and she came to check how diluted I was because my doctor needed to know, but she failed to explain the procedure before doing it.

I was so unprepared mentally for her to stick her fingers up my *ahem* to check how diluted I was!

At least explain to me properly before you do whatever is it that you are doing.

Sheesh! 😡

She mumbled something to herself and she said “You’re only 1-2cm open”

And that was it.

She cleaned after herself and left.

As usual, no further explanation provided.


Thank goodness that nurses after her were WAYYYY much more considerate, kinder and nicer to me.

Even told me to relax as they understood that it could be uncomfortable.

The next nurse after her was really kind and considerate.

She came in, asked a few questions and explained to me what she was doing.

She then placed a sensor on my tummy to check baby’s heartbeat and to ensure that everything was okay.

Even before she checked how diluted I was, she said “Sorry ahh.. This could be a bit uncomfortable, but doctor needs to know how diluted you are”

After checking, she would say “Okay! Thank you! Let me go give Doctor a call and inform him on your condition and I will be right back”

She even gave me a pad to sit on because I was still leaking.

See lah! The nurse before her wasn’t even bothered!


My doctor came in early Sunday morning to check on me and I hardly recognized him since he was in his t-shirt and pants.

He was as usual, detailed, gentle and informative.

*patted me on my hand resting on the bed railing*

Ensured me that everything is alright with baby, but I wasn’t diluted enough to start pushing.

He said that he will be away for awhile, but near and not to worry because he had another doctor on standby if I was ready to push.


Fast forward a few hours, doctor decided to induce to fasten the pace since I wasn’t diluted enough to start pushing.

The nurse asked if I wanted pain killers, but like a cow, I refused.

After some time, the pain was unbearable until I was crying.

Jason asked if I needed epidural and reluctantly in pain, I said yes.

He called the nurse and the nurse called an anesthesiologist.

He was in another operation theater assisting another patient at that moment and I had to wait.

Surprisingly, he came quite quickly after he received the S.O.S. call.

I had the epidural and everything calmed down again.

I even managed to nap for awhile because I was tired.


A few hours after that, I saw nurses started preparing the room by opening bags and bags of equipment and placing price tags on their clothes to remember to charge us at a later time.

I then only realized that this was serious.

The baby is coming.

Nurse checked again how diluted I was and not long after that, she asked me to push!

She said that she can see baby’s head!

I even asked her if baby had hair and she assured me that she can see a full head of hair.

A few pushes in and my doctor came.

Pushed and pushed and my doctor brought up Owen.

At that moment, time seriously stood still in my mind  as I couldn’t process the whole scenario.

I couldn’t believe that this small human was living inside of me for so many months.

He is here with us physically now.

It was emotional for me.


A nurse brought him over to his mini bed to weigh, measure, wrap and tag him.

Once that was done, she brought him over for me to hug him, while my doctor was stitching me up.

It felt surreal.

I am now a mom to this baby.

He’ll depend on me in his early years.

I love him so so much that it was hard for me to let go when they needed to bring him to the nursery.




It was difficult for me to move from one bed to another because of the epidural.

A nurse and my husband had to lift me up to shift beds.

I was already tired and weak since I did not eat anything (other than two pieces of biscuit and one tiny cup of Milo) after dinner the day before.

I even threw up gastric liquid because I was just starving.

 After getting to my room, I was exhausted and needed to rest.

Had red dates with water (typical Chinese drink after delivery) and Milo to help give me strength before I started eating again.

I also faced epidural withdrawal issues.

I was cold and my hands were shaking quite a lot.

Doctor said it was quite normal since I was feeling much better an hour or two later.


 So that’s was it!

The whole labor wasn’t THAT dramatic, but it was definitely a life changing experience.

 No matter how a mother goes through delivery, be it c-section or natural, it is still a very worthy thing.

Going under the knife or having epidural doesn’t make a mother any less worthy than another.

I cherished the experience that I’ve gone through and am very blessed to have an experienced doctor and nurses during the crucial moment.

I thank everyone for your well wishes, gifts and angpau’s!

Although it is so damn delayed, but what the heck right?

Its the thought that counts! 😃

Appreciated all advises throughout my pregnancy <3

That’s it for now!