My Happy Days: Day 2 (Ma Ride)


.I personally feel that people take for granted on this.

Getting stuck in traffic and wishing you had a better ride (if only you had more money).

I’m guilty of it.

But after going through today, I’m happy to have my own ride to work every day!

Even with the horrendous swiss cheese roads we have in Malaysia, I’m still happy and grateful 🙂

People should appreciate small things in life 🙂

Simple, but yet I take for granted every day.

That’s my happiness for today!

Spread the loveeeee! <3

My Happy Days: Day 1 (Le Hubby)


Going through the day realising how happy and blessed I am to have him.

I can always talk to him about how I feel from work and many random things without judgment.

Although sometimes he might tune me out while he is busy with other things.

Nonetheless, I am still happy with a nod from him (because I’ll still try to do funny things to get his attention *winks*).

I’m really happy to have this privilege 🙂

Loves! 😉