Tokyo, Japan (August 2014) – A Culture I Didn’t Expect To See (Day 1)

It was quite a unique experience.

Both of us took the afternoon flight and arrived in Tokyo (Haneda airport) by 11.30pm (Japan time).

A 30 mins delay in the air due to bad weather.

I wasn’t really happy with it because it could mean that we would miss the last train departing the airport at 11.59pm (Japanese people are very very VERY punctual).

Investing in calling a cab is super expensive so it wasn’t really an option for us.

The worst case scenario was to spend a night in the airport (ugh!).

Nonetheless, I wasn’t in a mood to sleep on a bench in an airport just to wait for the next ride out.

(Because I’m too cheap to pay for a night stay in one of those night stay lounge)

I’m not a spoiled brat, but I do appreciate a good night’s sleep (A LOT!) before starting my long day exploring the city.


We were already tired from the eight hours flight with kids on the plane and if we needed to spend a night in the airport without a proper bed would seriously put us both in a very bad mood.

So we took our luggage from the compartment above our seats and started walking really quickly to the check-out counters.

Most of the passengers were taking their own sweet time walking out of the plane , maybe some of them didn’t know what time the last train leaves or they had a tourist bus waiting for them outside.

REGARDLESS, we RUSHED and managed to check-out on time and purchased our train tickets.

All thanks to my hubby!

He remembered all the steps by heart and needed no guidance to purchase our tickets at the kiosk.

Everything was done within 2 minutes! 😀



Took the train and switched to another one to get to our hotel.

Within this traveling time, I saw a few weird things that I didn’t expect to see.

(couldn’t really process everything until the next morning)

Drunk men and dozing workers in the train after a long day at work (which was pretty much expected).

BUT the most surprising thing I saw was a young lady who was pushed by her “boyfriend”!

She fell butt first onto the floor with her personal belongings spilled out because her handbag burst open.

I stood there for a few second in shock because I didn’t know what to do and how to react!

My husband told me that the lady looked drunk and it was most likely an argument between the two in a very abusive way.

The station officers did nothing but watched and tried to assist the lady after she got back up to her feet (quite wobbly as I must add).

Her girl friend was beside her throughout the whole scene and to my surprised, she too did not know how to react to the situation.

So anyways… my husband nudged me to move on because he didn’t want us to miss the next train and he also said that we wouldn’t be of much help since we didn’t know their language.


We moved on and managed to find our next train station to connect us directly to the hotel after getting some directions at the Help Desk.

Got to the hotel like 45mins after arrival in Japan and we were pretty tired, but happy about it!

Happy for the fact that we didn’t need to pay for a pricey cab! 😀

It was late, so I didn’t take any photos of the hotel outside, but I did take photos of the room that we were staying in 🙂



This is it! The whole room! I can’t complain much since it was bigger than the room we had in Singapore for the same price. LOL!


Our mini kitchen 🙂


Their friendly message about the water bottles in the fridge


A bottle of deodorant that you can use it in the toilet after doing the Number 2. Quite considerate of them! 🙂


The instruction manual that came with the bottle 🙂


The compact toilet with almost everything prepared (yes, the toilet seat does warm up every morning with special buttons at the side of it :))


Facial and body towel with a hair dryer available (doesn’t really work for long hair)


Basic grooming products


Additional towels for our use


I really liked the hair conditioner 🙂


I really liked the fact that they prepared fresh sleeping clothes and lay it on the bed for you on a daily basis.

It is like getting fresh laundry washed clothes on a daily basis 🙂

Although I have to say that the front desk looked a tad bit sad without much warm smiles.

But oh wells!

Everyone will have their good and bad days.

So this is basically our first night in Japan 🙂

Mixed feelings, but totally prepared for the day scene the next day!


Bali 2014 (Lomo Photos)

Took photos in Bali using an old camera with exposed films.

I ain’t no professional, but this is something for me to remember in the future if I ever visit Bali again 🙂

Enjoy! 😉

(FYI: All photos belongs to me only and nobody can use it for any purpose without my permission – regardless how crappy my photos look here)