MommyBlabs: Baby Turns One <3


 My bun, you turned the big ONE earlier this month and I couldn’t be happier!

A milestone achieved as a family ❤️

This journey with you is truly memorable.

We grew so much as a family, especially the love and understanding for one another.

I honestly did not know the level of commitment and love (not forgetting expenses 😝) that comes as a package with a baby, but there are zero regrets from us (daddy and mommy)!

You’re already a little player with my heart on a daily basis, but I pray to God that you don’t ever mess up ladies hearts in the future when you’re of legal age to date (which could be NEVER, but oh well.. I mother can dream right?😊 and daddy could have a different opinion about this topic).

Its a contradicting thing right now cause I’m quite emotional seeing you grow up, but yet I’m so proud and happy.

I can’t explain this feeling, but yeahhhhh…

I love you tons my bun bun! 😚

Please forgive me if I ever turn into those moms who embarrasses their kids in the future because I just can’t help it 😚

Lots of ❤️,