Tokyo, Japan (August 2014) – Disneyland! <3 (Part 1)

After my long hiatus, I’m back!

Decided to blog about my happiest time in Tokyo, DISNEYLAND! 😀

(Since I didn’t have a fantastic week at work, I though this could cheer me up)


A bright and fantastic morning greeted us for the day.

Quite a reward since it was a typhoon season

(I call it Mother Earth’s PMS season since it rains with heavy wind whenever it wanted!)

No breakfast in the hotel, so we made do with our morning drink at the vending machine next to our hotel.


This is my yummy drink while le hubby got his usual coffee bottle fix (not too shabby).

I can swear that Japanese food isn’t all too bad (even food from the vending machine).

Happily with a drink and expectation of breakfast in Disneyland, we took the train!



And tadaaaaa!

FYI: Website on the directions to head to Disneyland in the link.

Even though we thought that we were early, tons of people were already there while the rest were making their way like us!

So obviously like a tourist I am, take photos lah!

No point rushing since we already bought our tickets online and all we needed to do was scan our tickets to get into the park.


The beautiful Disneyland Resort (side view)


The signature Mickey Mouse flower bed 🙂


Hubby with the flowers <3


Tourists and locals with the front view of the entrance


The packed entrance into Disneyland park!

To be fair, it was the summer holiday for the Japanese kids that explains the crowd.

I actually quite like Japanese crowds.

They were very educated without jumping the lines, patience while waiting for their turn and mothers who were quite responsible for their younger ones.


This view greets you right after entering the main gate!

I recommend purchasing tickets online and bring the printed copies with you to ease your pain of lining up with the others (time wasted).

Cheerful helpers will provide you with a map based on the language you are comfortable with.

If you want to have a look at the digital copy, visit this website link:

I’m still keeping my hardcopy here at home with me to remember my trip.

The map actually tells you where the restaurants, toilets, shops, different attractions of the parks and my all time FAVOURITE, different locations of flavour popcorn stands!

So lets say you’re in the mood for strawberry flavoured popcorn, just open your map and look for it!

It’ll tell you where the popcorn stand is located!



One of their main themed shops


Small stands selling Disney merchandise


Believe it or not, strollers have their own parking spots at every ride!


Another clearer photo of the parking for strollers *shocked*



My favourite blue monster (other than the cookie monster ;p)


Fast Pass Ticketing booth


Another Fast Pass Ticketing booth


If your ticket time clashed with another ride, naturally, you can’t get into another ride a few minutes apart.

Okay, the main reason why we were early to Disneyland was the collection of Fast Pass.

What is it?

Certain rides are basically packed no matter what the time of the day is.

So, in order to reduce the people lining up, they created these Fast Pass ticketing booths.

You can collect your tickets for a selected time slot for the ride you want

(Note: Not all rides have this Fast Pass facility)




This is just the starting point of the line to enter the ride

After collecting all the Fast Pass that we could, we headed out for our brunch!

Since there were restaurants all over the theme park, we couldn’t decide.

We ended up looking for the nearest and least crowded restaurant we could find.


Doesn’t seem super crowded…


Menu which starts from 310 Yen


We ordered the yummy themed set meal. Super cute! 😀


His Mickey Mouse beef shaped burger 


And my version of Mickey Mouse shaped burger


Burgers with fries! Super in love with the Mickey shaped burger <3


BURP! *smiles*

We spent close to 15 minutes to chew and swallow down everything on the tray.

We were really hungry.

This is the end of part 1!

Will continue with part 2 very soon 😉