MommyBlabs: I NEED A BREAK!

The longer I am as a mother, the more I understand how the public forms a type of expectation from either working moms or stay-at-home moms.

I never liked the idea of having a set of mentality forced upon someone.

If a working mom decides to take 30 minutes off from their kids to do whatever they please, so be it.

If a stay-at-home mom decides to do a mani or pedi, so be it!

She deserves a BREAK!



No doubt that I feel guilty as hell whenever I leave my baby with my parents or in laws to go do my own thing, BUT that couple of hours away could potentially make me feel so much more better about myself to be mentally and emotionally ready for whatever it is installed for me for the week (be it work or family drama).

Voice in my mind: “Just some time for yourself maybe is all you need to have in order to show a better version of you for the family / work.”

I would usually try to sneak in a couple of hours over the weekend to have a date with hubby, play a game, read a book or get a massage (if i feel like it).

It is NOT selfish if I took a couple hours off to just unwind and get my mind off certain things.

I understand that family comes first, but when I feel like I can’t handle the world, it is always best to step back and shut the world out for a moment (this helped me greatly).


Some people told me: “You have it all together like a small perfect family. You need to add more babies!”

Me (voice in my mind): “GIRL! Let me tell you something. My family ain’t perfect and I’m just like any momma’s out there trying to get her shit together on a daily basis”

Me (verbally): Life isn’t perfect (in fact, far from perfect), but I’m happy with what I’m blessed with. Not thinking about another baby yet.


Give mothers a break and seriously get over the stereotype that a mother should be perfect in EVERYTHING and be ever present in every situation thrown at them.

We can break at any moment and when we do, please do not judge us.

Sometimes we just gotta do what we gotta do to just be ourselves, which some may or may not accept (I’m totally fine with this).

I went through a serious mental struggle a few months back and taking a step back to have a break to find myself again changed the way I look at things now.

Some might call it depression, some might call it a breakdown and some just have other terms, but for me, what I needed (and still will) was some space and time to find myself.

Perhaps just do you because being Ms. Perfect isn’t all it is to life.

Hang in there and look at life positively.